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About Us

Koparent application for Joomla CMS system is designed for users who lease any kind of business, privat and tourism real estates, car and other vehicles rentals, as well as providers of wide range of services.

logo1Main characteristic of Koparent application is its full reservation system for using products or services (real estates, apartment, room, car, customer services...), managing these reservations and calculation all expenses and additional costs.

Application Functions consist of many features, options and setting which allow the user to control and fully adapt the application to the needs of different business types.

By simply turning off Reservation option, user can also get a component for selling products, real estates and services. The posibility of PayPal and various PayWay installations, provides you with a simple web shop, catalog or listing website for your product or service presentation.

You can find detailed specifications of all application features on this web site, and for any additional questions, you can contact us at any time.

With purchasing of this Component, you also get the possibility of installing necessary modules and plug-ins, as well as customer support for the duration of the subscription. Also, you will gain access to all upgrades which we will develop in the meantime, and they will be free for you (new modules, plug-ins, languages, features and similar...).