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Koparent Tag Cloud module

Short description

Koparent Tag Cloud is a Joomla! 2.5.x, 3.x module developed by Koparent Team.
It extends the Koparent component with added functionality. This module displays an automatically generated tag cloud from the content of your Koparent advert and category data.
You can see live demo of this module on our demo site.

Installation & Upgrading

Download the last version of the module and install it using the default install procedure of Joomla!
You can easily configure module with these parameters:
  • Min Font Size (px) - The size of the smallest element in the list of tags in pixels. Default 10.
  • Max Font Size (px) - The size of the largest element in the list of tags in pixels. Default 25.
  • Font Color - Hexadecimal value for color of font displayed. Default #cccccc.
  • Word Count - The amount of words you would like to show in your tag cloud. Default 30.
  • Advert Limit - If you have hundreds of adverts, you probably want to limit the results being queried. Default 8.
  • Category - Optional: Pull tags from selected category? Leave unselected to pull from all categories.
  • Excluded Words - Write here words you would like to not be displayed in your tag cloud. (plurals will be excluded automatically, as will any word shorter than 3 chars.)
  • Advert Title - Add content from advert title to tag cloud?
  • Advert Street - Add content from advert street addresses to tag cloud?
  • Short Description - Add content from advert short description to tag cloud?
  • Advert Description - Add content from advert description to tag cloud?
  • City - Add content from advert city to tag cloud?
  • Region - Add content from advert region to tag cloud?
  • Category Title - Add content from category titles to tag cloud?
  • Category Description - Add content from category descriptions to tag cloud?
  • Module Class suffix - A suffix to be applied to the css class of the module (table.moduletable or div.moduletable), this allows individual module styling

Koparent Tag Cloud Preview

You can see live demo of this module on our demo site.
mod koparent joomla 25 tagcloud 1mod koparent joomla 25 tagcloud 2mod koparent joomla 25 tagcloud 3mod koparent joomla 25 tagcloud 4mod koparent joomla 25 tagcloud 5

Download Koparent Tag Cloud Module

Koparent Tag Cloud Module is available for download to all visitors of (click here to download extension). Take notice that this module is not usable without Koparent Booking and Reservation Manager Extension which is only available for subscribers. You can subscribe here: Koparent subscription