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Koparent QuickSearch module

Short description

Koparent QuickSearch is a Joomla! 2.5.x, 3.x module developed by Koparent Team.
It extends the Koparent component with added functionality. This module displays a search form with many fields that can be used to search trough your Koparent data.
You can see live demo of this module on our demo site.

Installation & Upgrading

Download the last version of the module and install it using the default install procedure of Joomla!
You can easily configure module with there parameters:

  • Default Category - Filter adverts from specific category only.
  • Box Width (px) - The size of module box area. Default 200.
  • Advanced Search link - Show link to the Koparent advanced search view.
  • Submit to - Where will user request go, on category view or on advanced search view.
  • Show Categories - Show category dropdown list.
  • Show Sale Type - Show dropdown for sale type.
  • Show Price Range - Show Price Range.
  • Show price dropdowns - Show price select list rather than text field.
  • Show start and end date - Show start date and end date for advert availability. Only available in Koparent v5.3 and latter.
  • Show advert specific fields - Select advert specific fields that you want to show on quicksearch module.
  • Show additional contents - Select additional contents fields that you want to show on quicksearch module.
  • Show City - Show dropdown for available cities.
  • Show State - Show dropdown for available states.
  • Show Province - Show dropdown for available provinces.
  • Show County - Display dropdown of counties.
  • Show Region - Show dropdown of regions.
  • Show Country - Display dropdown of countries (only countries with existing adverts).
  • Form Method - The method of the form post / get.
  • Itemid - The menu item id. Only necessary if using the 'get' form method above. This will ensure the correct modules apply to the form landing page.
  • Module Class suffix - A suffix to be applied to the css class of the module (table.moduletable or div.moduletable), this allows individual module styling

Koparent QuickSearch Preview

You can see live demo of this module on our demo site.
mod koparent joomla 25 QuickSearch 1mod koparent joomla 25 quicksearch 2mod koparent joomla 25 QuickSearch 3mod koparent joomla 25 QuickSearch 4mod koparent joomla 25 QuickSearch 5

Download Koparent QuickSearch Module

Koparent QuickSearch Module is available for download only for subscribers. You can subscribe here: Koparent subscription