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Koparent Plugin Payment Gateway Paypal

Short description

Paypal logoKoparent Plugin Payment Gateway Paypal is a Plugin for Joomla! 2.5.x, 3.x developed by Koparent Team.
It extends the Koparent component with added functionality. This plugin enables Paypal payment gateway PER advert owner. When this plugin is enabled it shows number of paypal options in user details area if the user is permitted to add adverts. On reservation screen customer will get Paypal button which will direct him on advert owner paypal account. In other words, you can have multiple Paypal account, one for each Advert owner.

Installation & Upgrading

Download the latest version of the plugin and install it using the default install procedure of Joomla!.
You can easily configure plugin with these parameters:

  • Overwrite global Koparent paypal account - If Global Koparent Paypal account is enabled, he will be displayed below this Payment Gateway. With this option you can turn it off. It will be turned off only if user have input his own paypal account name.
  • Convert to Fallback currency - Koparent will use google calculator to change currency to FALLBACK CURRENCY if default currency is not supported in Paypal.
  • Automatic confirmation - If customer makes payment and Payment Gateway returns successful callback this option will set status of the Reservation to Confirmed and send e-mails as confirmation. Set to No if you want to confirm reservations manually.
  • Treat Pending status as paid - Treat Paypal Pending payments as Completed
  • Select Fallback currency - Select Fallback currency if your default currency is not supported by Paypal.
  • Payment option title - The title of the payment plugin, as displayed in the page. If left blank, the default value (PayPal) will be used.
  • Payment option image - An image to show in the payment processor selection list when the Image Only or Image and Text option is set in the parameters.
  • Secure POST - If enabled, the plugin will use secure (SSL) IPN post-backs. Your server must allow SSL connections to PayPal for this option to work.
  • Sandbox - When enabled, all transactions will be performed against the PayPal Sandbox (testing).
  • Sandbox merchant - The merchant e-mail registered with PayPal Sandbox. If you are not sure what this means, you probably do NOT need it.
  • PayPal Callback Text - What the button on the PayPal site reads after the user has completed his transaction.
  • Custom Header Image - The URL to your logo. This image will be displayed on the top of PayPal's checkout page instead of your merchant name.
  • Header Background Color - The hex-code of your PayPal checkout page's header, e.g. #FFFFFF for white
  • Header Border Color - The hex-code of your PayPal checkout page's header border, e.g. #FFFFFF for white

Koparent Plugin Payment Gateway Paypal Preview

You can see live demo of this plugin on our demo site.
plg koparent payment gateway paypal 1 plg koparent payment gateway paypal 2 plg koparent payment gateway paypal 3

Download Koparent Plugin Payment Gateway Paypal

Koparent Plugin Payment Gateway Paypal is available for download only for subscribers. You can subscribe here: Koparent subscription