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Koparent Comments Plugin

Short description

Koparent Comments Plugin is a Joomla! 2.5.x, 3.x module developed by Koparent Team.
This plugin enables your users to post comments and star-rank specific Adverts, based on the permissions you set in Plugin Settings. Rankings can be shown on Advert view as well as on all-advert overview. Adverts can be managed through Administration by you, as the Site owner.
For your Front End users who have permissions to post Adverts, you can enable or disable this feature as a global setting, or as an Option for specific Advert Type(s).
You can see live demo of this plugin on our demo site (to test it, enable the plugin in Administration first)

Installation & Upgrading

Download the latest version of the plugin and install it using the default install procedure of Joomla!
You can easily configure plugin with these parameters:

  • Allowed Users - set which users can post comments - all of them or only registered ones, with confirmed reservation for the Advert they want to comment on.
  • Owner comments - allow owners to comment on their Adverts
  • Maximum characters - set maximum comment lenght
  • Show rating on advert view - show star-rating display on each Advert (only if the Advert has active comments)
  • Show rating on advert overview - show star-rating display on all-Advert view (for Adverts which have active comments)
  • Comments order - oldest or newest first.

Koparent Comments Plugin Preview

You can see live demo of this module on our demo site.

 plg koparent comments 2 plg koparent comments 3 plg koparent comments 1




Download Koparent Comments Plugin

Koparent Comments Plugin is available for download only for subscribers. You can subscribe here: Koparent subscription