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Koparent Joomfish Content Elements Plugin - Joomla 2.5

Short description

joomfish logoKoparent Joom!FishContent Elements Plugin is a Content Elements Plugin for Joom!Fish on Joomla! 2.5.x developed by Koparent Team.
Plugin extends the Koparent component with added functionality of translation on any language supported by Joomla! This plugin enables user to translate titles, descriptions and other relevant data to any language supported by Joomla! on Joom!Fish. This plugin is tested with Joomfish 2.5.1.

Installation & Upgrading

Download the last version of the content elements plugin and install it using the Joom!Fish install procedure for Content Elements.
You can easily translate Koparent Booking and Reservation Manager Extension with these options:

  • Koparent adverts - Translate your advert with many options (title, description, short description, terms of use, ...).
  • Additional contents - Translate additional contents for all adverts in one place.
  • Categories - Translate title and description for your categories.
  • Date Range Groups - Translate Name, Description and even change the Color that will display day on the calendar for different languages.
  • Advert specific fields - Translate Koparent Advert specific fields
  • Advert specific fields extra values - Translate second level of Advert specific fields values
  • Advert details value - Translate Koparent Advert details value
  • Advert types - Translate Koparent Advert types
  • Email templates - Translate Email templates value fields
  • Reservation additional costs - Translate Reservation additional costs
  • Images - Translate Image title and description for each image you add for your adverts.
  • Settings - Translate Offline message and Disclamer that will show on each advert.
  • States - Translate state names.
  • Sale types - Translate name and banner image for each sale type.

Koparent Joomfish Content Elements Plugin Preview

plg koparent joomfish 2

Download Koparent Joomfish Content Elements Plugin

Koparent Joomfish Content Elements Plugin is available for download only to subscribed users of Take notice that this plugin is not usable without Koparent Booking and Reservation Manager Extension which is only available for subscribers. You can subscribe here: Koparent subscription