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  • Rent-a-car
  • Rent a Catering service
  • Rent a Conference hall
  • Rent an Office
  • Rent a Real Estate
  • Rent a Holiday room



Koparent Application is created especially for companies or individuals who offer their real-estates, products or services for rent, including:
• Hotels
• Apartments
• Rooms
• Holiday Houses
• Bed and Breakfast accommodations
• Business offices
• Cars
• Construction vehicles
• Tools
• Halls, congress rooms
• Storage houses and garages
• Sport halls
• Catering services
• Hiring a band
• Rent-a-car
• ... And many more types of businesses where you need to advertise your real estate, product or services and make it available for your customers to rent for a long or short period of time, by days or by hours and minutes!


We created a full Booking and Reservation Management system which allows you and your customers to:


• See full and detailed description of your product / service /real estate
• Create an Advert with many options and choose which are shown and which are not (description, price, contact information...)
• See picture gallery for every advert separately
• Insert the exact location using Google Maps
• Choose additional services you offer
• Manage Advert details and search by Advert details fields
• Manage Additional contents and insert prices
• Make advert Categories
• Choose one of many pre-set Categories for you advert
• Use Walk Score service
• Set your location using Google maps
• Add images to your Advert
• Enable on-line Reservations (calendar, price calculator, voucher, customer login...)
• Manage minimum and maximum number of days to book
• Set up all Additional costs which will be calculated into the reservation
Manage calendars with Date Ranges – set different prices for different periods of the year (example: pre-season, season, post-season)
• Assign Featured option to Adverts, Categories and Users and make them appear highlighted

advert view

Front End Advert View Sample

reservation view

Front End Reservation View Sample


• Set the prices and discounts per hour, day, week, 14 days, month...
• Manage Additional costs and insert prices for them
• Set up Date Ranges and Date Range Groups for setting up different prices for different periods of the year, month, week...
• Set the percentage of necessary Advanced payment for confirming Customer's reservation
• Show the entire Calculation of all the costs before customer makes the reservation – cost of rent + all additional costs = total price / amount of predefined advance payment
• Calculate Advance Payment and pay it using Pay Pal or other means of payment
• Set "offline dates" – periods or days when there can be no reservations
Display your price list with specific price list parameters

17 date range group adding date ranges

Editing Date Range Group

22 reservation calculation editing

Reservation options and edit


• Users can

  • Search for adverts by various parameters
  • register and login to their account
  • check out Advert's calendar which shows current and updated availability
  • Make on-line booking by simply clicking on the calendar or Date and Time Picker
  • Make One-Step Booking – Book and Create New User Profile in One-Step!
  • Book by minute, hour or day with different types of calendars (day, week, month)
  • Manage their reservations by login to their profile: see all the details, print out their reservation pamphlet (voucher), send the advert link to a friend...
  • Make multiple reservations on the same advert at the same time

• Admin can

  • Manage reservations from Administration panel – pending / confirmed / cancelled
  • Manage payments from Administration panel – advance paid or not
  • Set duration of the advert and duration of the reservation (pending status)
  • Set up Bank information for Advance payment
  • Add Logo to PDF
  • Export their Koparent data into XML format

user account

User Frontend Account


• Create different Users who can post adverts from backend
• Add Additional Fields in User registration form
• Set Users as Featured
• Assign Users a right to publish their own Ads
• Set up your e-mail templates with many different variables
Allow users to post their own Adverts and manage their reservations, adverts and date range groups from frontend

21 users new or edit user

User Details

20 email templates editing template

Email Templates


We are constantly upgrading Koparent and with each new version we are bringing new features and fixes. This is the list of previous upgrades::

5.6 Koparent

  • Added filter by advert type in advert specific fields manager for easier management of advert fields
  • Added sorting by users in adverts view in backend
  • Added additional check on thumbnail dimensions so it does not get blured
  • Added some core improvements on database tables
  • Added improvements on calendar functions and date manipulation
  • Added feature: You can disable loading of Slimbox library if it is causing trouble with another extension. This is only available if Gallery type is set to Slimbox.
  • Added feature: You can now set up your own date format in Koparent Settings (ex. d.m.Y)
  • Added feature: You can now export your data to csv format
  • Added feature: Advert specific fields can be enabled to display in advert list
  • Added feature: Additional contents can be enabled to display in advert list

5.5 Koparent 

  • Added line-through price calculated with normal daily price when you are searching within time period 
  • Added advanced datetime calculation for your selected Joomla timezone when making reservations 
  • Added feature: unregistered users can now login or make an account in reservation page with no redirects in one step. You can enable this feature from Koparent Settings. 
  • Added feature: You can set a category in Additional contents manager. Additional contents will be grouped by category, if category is not entered, layout will stay the same as before. 
  • Added feature: You can set up emails in CC and BCC fields when sending mails, this option is available in Email template manager. 
  • Added feature: You can now manage Advert Types trough Koparent Settings 
  • Added feature: You can export your details on adverts, reservations or users in XML format. 
  • Added feature: You can now sort Adverts by air distance proximity from your default coordinates in Koparent Settings -> Advanced search. 

5.4 Koparent

  • Added English language as fallback if you have incomplete translation on your own language and deleted identical lines in translation files in site and administration 
  • Added better support for youtube video, you can now insert link in various format from youtube, not just emended one 
  • Added dropdown that adds Email variable in text editor in Email Template Editor 
  • Added feature: Added view Price List. It can show price list and selected specific advert fields and date range groups sorted by city and filtered by category 
  • Added feature: Price list in advert details view it can be turned on and off from Koparent Settings 
  • Added feature: New gallery type Switch on click allows user to switch main advert picture with thumbnail picture 
  • Added feature: you can enable or disable Koparent toolbar from all pages from Koparent settings. Option to disable Back button and Advanced search button have also been added. 
  • Added feature: You can now edit existing and add new Additional costs for your reservations from Koparent Settings 
  • Added feature: You can now edit existing and add new Specific fields for your Adverts from Koparent Settings 
  • Added feature: You can now search by specific fields in advanced search. It can be turned on in the Koparent Settings

5.3 Koparent

  • Added feature: You can set Advert sort to Random, it will adverts in different order every time on reload 
  • Added feature: Now you can completely disable second toolbar after turning off all the links (contact advertiser can also be disabled) 
  • Added feature: You can now style email templates directly from Koparent Settings, also you can disable email by unpublishing the template 
  • Added few additional fields for various advert types 

5.2 Koparent

  • Added Norfolk Island to the list of the countries 
  • Added Title in advert presentation and PDF flyer 
  • Added PER field beside Price field in frontend submit advert form 
  • Added feature: Koparent settings->Users->Limit number of adverts user can submit 
  • Added feature: Koparent settings->Users->Starting limit of new users 
  • Added feature: Koparent settings->Users->User advert needs admin approval? 
  • Added new functionality in Koparent->Users: Custom user field manager button - you can add additional fields for customer 

5.1 Koparent

  • Added functionality of making multiple reservations for advert at the SAME time (examples of usage: car pooling, mini bus, guitar lessons, theathre tickets, etc...) 
  • Added functionality : In advanced search Koparent will calculate price for selected period, if dates are not set it will show default price 
  • Added functionality : Frontend advert manager can be disabled or enabled from Settings 
  • Added functionality : User approval for new adverts can be set from Settings or manually in each User edit area
  • Added functionality : Users can now add adverts from frontend 
  • Added functionality : Users can now add Date ranges from frontend 
  • Added functionality : Users can now manage Reservations made on their adverts from frontend
  • Added functionality : Users can edit their bank account details from frontend 
  • Added new reservation field for Vehicles advert type: Price per person (an reservation option you can use if needed)