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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Koparent Joomla component for reservation management

How to override the javascript from the Koparent

There may be occasions where you would like to change the way a Koparent Extension acts differently. Koparent provides you with a great way of overriding javascript files that it uses.

For example: if you are using beez_20 template, then your javascript file will be first loaded from here:

First you can just copy those files to your template folder.


How to override the css from the Koparent

Koparent provides great way of editing css files that it uses. In Administration -> Koparent Settings -> Edit CSS you can find all css files that Koparent is currently using. When editing one of the selected css files you can change anything you want and when you click on the Save button, that file will be saved in your template folder.

For example: if you are using beez_20 template, then your css file will be saved here:

If you do not want to use online editor but you want to edit those files manually, you can just copy those files to your template folder.


Changing text in the Joomla frontend

Joomla 2.5 released with a host of new features. Some of these new features were major improvements including multi-database support, smoother upgrades and new search engine. Other improvements were smaller but still very useful. For example, using the new Language Override Manager you can now easily change any of the default text on your Joomla site.


My Multilanguage site is not working?

There is an excellent article written by Peter Martin which we are always referencing when our subscribers are creating a multilanguage site.


How to override the output from the Koparent

There may be occasions where you would like to change the way a Koparent Extension (or a Module) is displayed on your site. Of course, you could recode Koparent from scratch, but that may be a bit ambitious for you and you will not be able to upgrade Koparent without making that changes again! Thankfully, there is another way.

The standard output from any Joomla! Module or Component can be overridden by adding code to the html directory of your template.


How do I upgrade Koparent extension to new version?

When upgrading Koparent extension you have to follow these steps:
  1. Backup your system
  2. Download new version of Koparent extension with addition of "upgrade" in it's name
  3. Install new version trough normal Joomla installer. Koparent extension will to the rest.
  4. If you have modified any line of code in the Koparent extension core please review your changes and insert them again into upgraded Koparent extension.
Please take notice: If you uninstall Koparent extension you will loose your data. Do not uninstall extension to upgrade it.
When upgrading to Koparent 6.0 please upgrade all modules and plugins to their latest version.

Do we get upgrades and how often are they released?

The Koparent component comes with a complete features that allows users the most easiest upgrade available. All you need to do is to install component again over the existing one, an we will do the rest. You don't have to worry about the data loss, all changes are documented and before upload you can check the list for your convenience. We offer new features and bug correction via Subscription page on web site. There isn't any specific time period for releasing new updates but usual updates are released on every two or three weeks.

What makes Koparent different than other advert management programs?

Koparent is more modern, more time tested, more flexible, more intuitive, and much easier to use than most of the other software packages available on the market. Koparent Manager has evolved to keep up with the changes in technology. Instead of searching for third party solutions, you have all that you need for advertising, selling or renting your Advert. We are constantly working hard to improve all of our features and our support group responds to client requests in a matter of minutes. 
What's really amazing about Koparent is that you got the opportunity to get the best results from your web site and you will definitely get the results that you want with renting your Advert.

How much does Koparent component cost?

Koparent was designed and priced for companies of any size. Our software can be purchased on a subscription level with professional support for 1 year. Prices for subscriptions can be found in Buy Subscription area.

What type of properties can Koparent Manager work with?

Koparent Manager has been designed as a flexible tool for all types of portfolios. For example, it can be used for: apartments, manufactured homes, commercial properties, condos, single family homes, hotels, rooms, holiday houses, bed and breakfast accommodations, business offices, cars, construction vehicles, tools, halls, congress rooms, storage houses and garages, sport halls, catering services, hiring a music band, and many more...