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Experiance Koparent for free! Write a listing, create reservation and try out the best Booking web aplication Internet can offer in our LIVE Online Demo!
Notice: Demo web site is restarted every 24 hours!

Frontend Demo: click here
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  • Rent-a-car
  • Rent a Catering service
  • Rent a Conference hall
  • Rent an Office
  • Rent a Real Estate
  • Rent a Holiday room

How do I upgrade Koparent extension to new version?

When upgrading Koparent extension you have to follow these steps:
  1. Backup your system
  2. Download new version of Koparent extension with addition of "upgrade" in it's name
  3. Install new version trough normal Joomla installer. Koparent extension will to the rest.
  4. If you have modified any line of code in the Koparent extension core please review your changes and insert them again into upgraded Koparent extension.
Please take notice: If you uninstall Koparent extension you will loose your data. Do not uninstall extension to upgrade it.
When upgrading to Koparent 6.0 please upgrade all modules and plugins to their latest version.