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Joomla CMS system

cms.png Content management system CMS is becoming increasingly popular and Koparent team have build this extension for the Joomla based CMS. Joomla is Open Source project and as such is completely free. Joomla community is very large and there are many components and modules that are also free to use which greatly facilitates and accelerates the development of CMS.

Koparent with CMS-based content management system Joomla allow you to update the content yourself and whenever you want. The difference between traditional Web pages built with the help of WYSWYG editors and pages configured with the help of CMS-based content management system is that pages with CMS can create dynamic content on the site. In the process of Web Design with Joomla you need much less time for programming and Web site will have high quality graphic with lots of useful functionality. Less time spent in programming and configuring the Web page is reflected on the final price. Web sites built on the CMS-based content management systems are cheaper, better quality than conventional HTML pages and limit to create page takes less time to process.

Options of Joomla CMS content management system

Joomla is a complete system, suitable for corporate Web sites, as well as for simple personal sites. Some of the features that come "from the box" are:

  • Support for multiple authors for content
  • Content approval before publishing
  • Start and finish for posting content on a predefined date
  • Entering a static (not categorized) content
  • Archiving older content with the ability to extract
  • Possibility to assess the contentcms_out_of_the_box.png
  • Loading external page using Wrapper component
  • Support for visual editors
  • Upload files for easy use on site
  • Organisation of content into categories
  • URL format for search engines
  • Advanced administration system
  • Support for multiple administrators and/or moderator
  • Grouping users by Access level 
  • Localizing user interface and administration
  • Caching mechanism for better performance on busy sites
  • Create and manage polls
  • Managing temporarily deleted content
  • Publication of advertising with Banner components
  • Advanced installation of additional elements (components, modules, plugins, templates)
  • System of web help

Upgrading Joomla CMS system

Joomla allows very easy installation of additional components or modules, which can help you to extend the functionality of your Web site. It is important to note that most of the components during installation creates its directories, files and tables in the database, but does not affect the existing ones. If you want to install a forum, gallery or something else, it is enough to find and install the appropriate component and perform the configuration.


Joomla is released under the GNU / GPL license. So it is not only free but gives you almost complete freedom to change the code in accordance with your wishes and needs.