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New Koparent Tutorials!

tutorialNow you can find out everything you need to know about Koparent and it's functionalities!
We upgraded and created new, more detailed Tutorials and will keep on developing them so you can set up and use Koparent easily. 

Tutorials are set in order of which we think is best to set up and start using Koparent. You can find them all here: Koparent Tutorials

 List of Tutorials:

1. Advert Types and Categories - learn about Advert Types, how you can use them and what are they connected to.

2. Creating an Advert - learn step-by-step how to create an Advert from Administration.

3. Koparent Settings - see how can you set up your entire system and which options are available.

4. Additional Settings - set up all other settings needed to fully customize your Koparent system to meet the needs of your business.

5. Users & Reservations - see which types of Users exist in Koparent, how can you add or edit Users, make Reservations using Administration or view and edit completed Reservations.

6. Front End - learn all about Front end Koparent display and linking, as well as creating Front end Reservations. Also learn which types of Front End users exist, how can Front End Users create Reservations, and how Front End users can create their own Adverts, manage their Reservations and similar - all based on their permissions and your Koparent Settings.