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Online payment

Paypal payment system

Eliminate the hassles of late payments, money orders, and bounced checks. The Paypal Koparent feature allows owners and managers to automatically debit a customer's checking account or process credit cards to ensure on-time reservation payments. Koparent component does all of the work for you and automatically updates the reservation records.

Paypal combines an online payment gateway, real-time credit card processing, and Koparent reservation system into one solution. The Paypal payment system offers a vast array of processing services and features which include batch processing, high-speed authorization, check guarantee and conversion, split ACH (Account Clearing House) transactions, and fraud protection.

Once a payment is posted through Paypal, the payment is processed, settled, and deposited into your Paypal account, customer payments are automatically withdrawn from the customer's checking account and deposited into your Paypal account.

 Payments are automatically processed each month 
 Deposits are done automatically
 Accept payments online
 Eliminate the hassles of late notices and trips to the bank
 Perform both one-time and batch processing