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Experiance Koparent for free! Write an advert, create reservation and try out the best Booking web aplication Internet can offer in our online demo. Notice: Demo web site is restarted every hour!

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  • Rent-a-car
  • Rent a Catering service
  • Rent a Conference hall
  • Rent an Office
  • Rent a Real Estate
  • Rent a Holiday room

Screen Shots

Here are some Screen Shots of Koparent Administration. 

All options and possibilities you can see in live and fully functional Demo on
You can log in using:

username: demoadmin
password: demoadmin

Picture 1. Koparent Settings

koparent settings

Picture 2. List of Adverts

koparent advert list

Picture 3. Advert Options

koparent advert details
Picture 4. Koparent Categories

koparent categories

Picture 5. Date Range Groups - with this options you can set different prices for different periods of the year. Here you can also set "unavailable dates" - dates that can not be booked.
koparent date range list

Picture 6. Date Range Group Settings - here you set the Date Range(s). You set the prices in every advert, in which you include Date Range. 

koparent date range

Picture 7. Received Reservations

koparent reservations list

Picture 8. Reservation Options

koparent received reservation