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  • Rent-a-car
  • Rent a Catering service
  • Rent a Conference hall
  • Rent an Office
  • Rent a Real Estate
  • Rent a Holiday room

Additional Settings


17 date range group adding date ranges

Figure 17: Editing Date Range Group and adding Date Ranges

Creating a new Date range group:
• Go to Koparent Administration and click on Date range group, click New
• First, you need to Name your Group to be able to SAVE item. Without saving you won't be able to add Date range to the Group.
• After that, you can set Color for this group to appear in Calendar and Overview (left box)
• If you choose Unavailable Dates YES, all Date ranges within this Group will appear Unavailable – this is in case you want to set up which dates throughout the year are unavailable for renting
• After you save Date range group, on the right side you can now Add Date ranges to the Group. You select Start Date (and Time, if enabled) and End Date (and Time, if enabled) and Select the days of the week this period applies to – click to Add Date range.
• Notice that you can add as many Date ranges you want to one group. All this Date ranges will have the same prices (later set up in Advert) and have other same features (same color, available or not, same name...)

Keep in mind that you are setting up different prices so name your Groups with that logic. Also notice that the Name will be the one that shows on Calendar Legend and will be visible to your customers.
(name examples: Season Price, Out-of-season Price, Last-minute, Weekend price, Special offer...)
Use the colours so they match your design, and follow the pricing logic. You have all the palette available.

Edit user fields

You can manage your own custom user fields from Koparent Settings -> Edit user fields. This will open up list of custom user fields which you can manage or add a new user field.
These User Field will be used and shown:
- In Account Maintenance – when user logs in to account, he will have these field available and when adding a New user from Koparent Administration (you need to turn this on by clicking "Show in account maintenance" for each added field in Field list)
- In Reservations – when making a reservation without existing account and needing to create an account along with reservation, these fields will be added to that form (you need to turn this on by clicking "Show in reservation" for each added field in Field list)

18 user fields adding new

Figure 18: Adding new User Fields for User login form

When adding a new user field you have various options, most important options are:
Field name - this is mandatory field and it will be invisible for the user
Field title - This is label of your new field. You can enter it however you want to, and you can even translate it in your language file if you want to
Field type - is an important option and after save you will not be able to change it. It determines what type your field will it be. You can select this options:

o Text Field - This is standard text field and you can determine maximum length for this field
o Check Box (Single Select) - Standard checkbox
o Check Box (Multiple Select) - Here you can define number of rows and columns and you can input Title and Values for each checkbox
o Date - Date inputbox
o Drop Down (Single Select) - Standard Dropdown list, here you can define value and title for each option
o Drop Down (Multi Select) - Dropdown list where user can select multiple options, here you can define values and title for each option
o Email Address - This field will be checked against email validator and you can determine maximum length for this field
o Editor Text Area - you can set columns and rows and maximum number of characters
o Text Area - you can set columns and rows and maximum number of characters
o Radio Button - you can set columns and rows and here you can define value and title for each option
o Web Address - This field will be checked against URL validator
o --- Fieldset delimiter --- - This can be used to separate your user fields (use this as a title for following group of Fields)

Field Size - You can set field size for each field
Ordering - You can set ordering of the field
Required - Set if you want this field to be a required field
Show in account maintenance - Show this field in user profile page in frontend
Show in reservation - Show this field when customer is making a reservation
Read-Only - This field is read-only?
Published - You can unpublish this field if you don't want to show it

E-mail templates

If you want to customize e-mails that are sent by Koparent to your customers we have a feature that will help you with it. Koparent Settings -> Edit email templates will open List of currently supported e-mail templates which you can modify. You can duplicate it and translate it to another language and with this you can have email templates different for every language.

19 email templates overview

Figure 19: E-mail Templates Overview

When editing an e-mail template you have many options at your disposal:
Subject - here you can type subject of the mail you want to send. Here you can include Email variables which will be replaced by actual data
From - Type email which will this mail be sent from or use offered variable
Email CC field - This option is added if you want to have owner of the site or owner of the advert in CC field which is visible to the customer
Email BCC field - This is the same as CC but all addresses are invisible to the recipient
Reply to - you can have different Reply to address
Overview - Here is the body of the e-mail and you can customize it however you want, using your favorite text editor. Please note that you have to put full URLs (including your domain name ( for your images.
Published - If you unpublish specific e-mail template then that mail will not be sent
Is HTML - Option to send HTML mail or plain text
Language - With this you can translate your emails to your specific languages
Email variables - You can select an e-mail variable which will be replaced with actual data when sending an e-mail. Here is the list of e-mail variables and what do they replace:
1. ##FROM_EMAIL## - This value will be replaced with a e-mail address of the owner of the advert.
2. ##REPLY_TO_EMAIL## - This value will be replaced with a e-mail address of the owner of the advert.
3. ##LOGO_IMG## - This is a path to the company logo set in your Koparent Settings
4. ##ADVERT_URL_PATH## - This is a link to the advert
5. ##ADVERT_TITLE## - Advert title
6. ##CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME## - Customer first name
7. ##CUSTOMER_LAST_NAME## - Customer last name
8. ##CUSTOMER_EMAIL## - Customer e-mail
9. ##CUSTOMER_ADDRESS## - Customer address
10. ##CUSTOMER_COMMENTS## - when contacting Advert's owner or using Send to Friend option, this is the message body
11. ##CUSTOMER_DAY_PHONE## - preferred phone number if the customer wants to be contacted in working hours (when replying to an inquiry about the Advert)
12. ##CUSTOMER_MOBILE_PHONE## - customer mobile phone
13. ##CUSTOMER_CONTACT_BY## - preferred way a customer wants to be contacted, when replying to an inquiry about an Advert
14. ##RESERVATION_ID## - Unique ID of the reservation
15. ##RESERVATION_START_DATE## - Start date of the reservation
16. ##RESERVATION_END_DATE## - End date of the reservation
17. ##RESERVATION_SUM_DAYS## - Number of days for this reservation
18. ##RESERVATION_PRICE_ADVANCE## - Calculation of the percentage for advance price for this reservation
19. ##RESERVATION_DATE_VALID_UNTIL## - This reservation is valid until this day
20. ##RESERVATION_PRICE_TABLE## - This is price table for all additional costs and calculation by the date range groups
21. ##ADVERT_OWNER_INFO## - This is sum of advert info (Name and full address)
22. ##ADVERT_OWNER_BANK_INFO## - If there is an enabled option for this in advert owner user profile and Bank data are filled this will be replaced with Bank data
23. ##JOOMLA_SITE_NAME## - Your site name, this is set in Global configuration of your Joomla site.
24. ##JOOMLA_SITE_DESCRIPTION## - Your site description, this is set in Global configuration of your Joomla site.
25. ##KOPARENT_FLYER_PHONE## - This info is set in Koparent Settings as a global phone number.
26. ##KOPARENT_FLYER_EMAIL## - This info is set in Koparent Settings as a global e-mail address.
27. ##CUSTOMER_CUSTOM_USER_FIELDS## - This will be replaced with your custom customer user fields
28. ##ADVERT_OWNER_CUSTOM_USER_FIELDS## - This will be replaced with your custom advert owner user fields
29. ##DATE_WHEN_SUBMITTED## - date when an inquiry was submitted
30. ##DATE_TIME_WHEN_SUBMITTED## - date and time when an inqiry was submitted

20 email templates editing template

Figure 20: Editing E-mail Template

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