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Experiance Koparent for free! Write an advert, create reservation and try out the best Booking web aplication Internet can offer in our online demo. Notice: Demo web site is restarted every hour!

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  • Rent-a-car
  • Rent a Catering service
  • Rent a Conference hall
  • Rent an Office
  • Rent a Real Estate
  • Rent a Holiday room

Creating Advert

oglasIf you finished and set up all (or the most) of general settings, you can now create your Advert.

  • First step (after clicking New) is to choose you category. First list shows our 5 main Advert types (Tourism, Real Estates, Vehicles, Services and Other). When you choose one of them, following selection depends on the categories you put in in your Category settings. If you have many sub-categories you need to click until you get to the final sub-category you want. When you come to the end, you will be able to click on the NEXT STEP
  • Now you are entering in main window which will enable you to insert all relevant information about your Advert. This window changes and will be slightly different according to the category (and therefore the advert type) you chose in previous step.
  • If you want to change the category you are already in, you will get the information that changing this category will delete and alter all the Details and Additional contents you put in for this Advert. This does not apply to general information, map settings and other information – they will stay as you put them. In case you change the category, but stay in the same type, your information will not be lost. In case you change the category in a way the type needs to be changed (for example jump from Apartment (type Real Estate) to Car rental (type Vehicles)) new Details will appear, and previous ones will be deleted.  
  • Description – add your title, check if you are in the right category and select the user you already defined in the User section.

- Set Reference ID – put a combination of numbers and/or letters which will make it easier for you to search and organize your Adverts (for example app1, car01 and similar…)
- Choose Sale Type – this is just a description text for your Advert
- Price – this is a default price for your advert and it does not depend on the day or a period of the year, you can override it with Date range groups. You can insert the price in a form of a number (currency is set in Settings) and set a description what is price for (a day, night, week, hour, surface…). In case this price is with discount, set the Original (higher) price below. In case you don’t want to show the price, you can check the option so that the sign “Call for price” will show next to your advert.
- Video – you can assign a video to you advert by inserting a path to YouTube movie.
- Custom description – is defined by two parts – Preview Text and Full Text. You can edit Full text with all your Joomla Text Editor options.
- Terms – at the end you can put in your Terms and Conditions for this Advert.

  • Location – use Google map to position your Advert or your company address. Enter the address and all other necessary details and Google Map will (try to) set the location. In case the address is not sufficient, you can drag and drop the marker and use Latitude and Longitude numbers to navigate.
  • Details – as said before, details are listed according to the category you chose before. They are predefined by application but can be modified or create a new ones from the Koparent Settings. If you don’t want some of the details to show on front page, leave it blank or don’t select anything from drop down menu. If you need a specific detail to be shown for this advert you can add it from Koparent Settings.
  • Additional contents – they also depend on category you chose. Many of them are predefined for specific advert type, but you can add new or edit existing ones through Additional contents management. Only checked ones will show in front end.
  • Reservations options – before deciding you want to use reservations for this advert, this option has to be enabled in main settings first. Here you have, once again, a possibility to disable it for this specific advert. Here you can also set up minimum and maximum days a person can book at once.
  • Reservations Additional costs – the list of Additional costs also depends on a category your advert is in. They can be added or edited in Koparent Settings. You need to set the price for specific Additional costs that you want to use and set if the price is one-time or per day. If you leave price to 0.00 then that Additional cost will not be shown.
  • Date range prices – in case your rental prices depend on the period of the year, a day of the week or similar, here you need to assign a Date range group which you set up earlier in Date range group settings tab.

On the right side you can choose your Date range group form a drop down menu. Below you can set the prices which will apply only to this group and all date ranges this group consists of. You can set normal, daily price, a price for renting your item for more than 7, 14, 30 days, if you have this kind of policy.
When you set the prices, click on Add Date range. All info you inserted is now shown on the left side. You can change the values by clicking on the name of the Date range group, change the numbers on the right side and click Add Date range again. This will not duplicate the Group, it will just update new prices.

  • Images – in the Gallery section, you can edit your already uploaded pictures, or you can upload new ones. Click the Gallery icon to add new pictures. You get a pop-up screen with a number of possibilities for uploading the pictures. When uploading the files you need to check if your Upload Directory is created and writable – status is shown below upload boxes – both present/writable have to be yes/yes and in green color. Otherwise, you need to create folder or make it writable.

On the top right side you can set your image and thumbnail width, height and quality for this Advert.
On the lower part of the screen you can assign or manage your already uploaded images.

  • Details – in top right corner you have details section where you can set or view all advert details like: Number of visits, Language, Created, Last modified, Modified By, Access, Publish Up, Publish Down, Featured, Published, Approved, Admin notes about the advert and Meta Keywords and Meta Description.