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Experiance Koparent for free! Write an advert, create reservation and try out the best Booking web aplication Internet can offer in our online demo. Notice: Demo web site is restarted every hour!

Frontend Demo: click here
username: demo
password: demo

Administration Demo: click here
username: demoadmin
password: demoadmin

  • Rent-a-car
  • Rent a Catering service
  • Rent a Conference hall
  • Rent an Office
  • Rent a Real Estate
  • Rent a Holiday room

Front End

You can link KopaRent Application using various link layouts supported by KopaRent installation package (some of them are: Default Layout, Advert Layout, Category Layout, User Layout and similar…)

Advert Viewfrontend
­Viewing Adverts can be limited to registered users only by setting up this option in Administration. If disabled, everyone can see all the adverts.

In the top of Advert window, user has several options for using Advert:
Advert Flyer – get PDF summary of this Advert – for saving, sending, print out…
Print – get print version of entire Advert, as shown on screen
My Account – sign-in or see your details if already signed in. When signed in, the user can see all of his Reservations, make a Reservation, manage them and change his user details by clicking on the top menu.
Advertisers (Application users) are users with permission to submit adverts (you can set that option for each particular user) and they have additional manu items which help them in managing their adverts:
  • My account - this view is somewhat different from typical user view because all (advertiser) submitted adverts are listed and advertiser can make several actions with the advert: View, Edit, Deactivate or Delete the Advert
  • Reservations - lists all reservations on all user adverts. This is managing tool for advertisers where they can do several actions with reservations: Extend, Confirm or Cancel.
  • Submit advert - is used to add new adverts. Advertiser first chooses the Category and then he can input all advert details from the frontend.
  • Date ranges - Each advertiser can add his own date range groups (date rates, periods, seasons). Using Date range manager user can define various ranges which will be used in defining the price for each advert.

Search – KopaRent allows customer to use a number of features when searching Advert database. By selecting wanted parameters or clicking features, the system automatically lists Adverts which meet these criteria.
Contact Advertiser – clicking this button opens Contact Form for submitting your message to advert owner.
Send to a friend – opens Contact Form where you can insert your friend's e-mail address and send him a link to current advert.

Making a reservation

On a Advert main view, all users can see a calendar which shows a current state of your reservations and see which periods are free and which are booked.

In KopaRent Settings you can set up the number of months you want to show and adjust it to your design. User can click on the arrows below calendar to navigate and switch to previous and next months.

If user finds a free period and wants to make a reservation he will click on Book It button which will direct him to Reservation screen or Login form depending on your setting in Administration. If the user doesn't have his account, he will be able to register and get access in few moments.
If user has his account, he will sign in and proceed with reservation.

Only registered Users can make reservations! If you select option to allow unregistered users on Reservation screen then users will be able to do reservation and create account (or login) on the same page without redirection.

In Reservation panel user will see the Calendar with free and booked dates and he will be able to choose his start and end date by clicking on the dates of a calendar or choosing Start Date and End date from Reservation calculator.
Possible errors in choosing a period:

  • Start date, End date or days in between are already booked
  • Start date is higher than the End date
  • Start date, End date or days in between are a part of Unavailable dates and cannot be booked

If some of the listed errors occur, the notice will show on the top of the calculation, on the right.
If all dates are correct, Selected Range will appear on the top of the calculation with all prices and selected costs below.

Additional costs are listed on the left side and user needs to fill in necessary information.

User Details show information user entered by registration. He can now change or add some of them (except Email address because it connects him to his user account).

At the end he clicks on Finish Booking.
After that he receives an e-mail notification with all the information about his booking, prices, advance, bank account, contact information and similar.
He can now also instantly see his reservation on Calendar (marked as pending) and manage his reservation in his Account where he can see all the details, print out PDF pamphlet, contact advertiser, and cancel his reservation.