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  • Rent-a-car
  • Rent a Catering service
  • Rent a Conference hall
  • Rent an Office
  • Rent a Real Estate
  • Rent a Holiday room

Users & Reservations


By clicking on the Users main tab you can see the list of all registered users.
Users, in this case are:
1. Frontend Koparent users – which post Adverts and set Date range groups from frontend and can manage their reservations.
2. Website users – are registered users who can make reservations (book Adverts) and they have their frontend user profile.
These users cannot use their user name information to login to site Administration if they do not have permissions in Joomla to log-in.
3. Joomla site Administration users – website owner(s) who can manage Koparent's Administration, login from front and backend, add new users and new reservations from backend

NOTICE: all Koparent users are also Joomla users, with only front-end rights. If you have Joomla users prior to Koparent installation, they will not automatically become Koparent users, but after you install Koparent, all future Joomla users will also become Koparent users. Koparent comes with a plugin which enables this automatic transition.
In main view you can see some main user info, see the difference between Application (Joomla) users and Website users, change their order, publish or unpublish them and set up some parameters for them (Featured).

Users are added to this list when:
1. They sign up for Koparent account from front-end (go to Register or create an account when making their first reservation)
2. They sign up for Joomla account from front-end
3. They are added by Site Administrator from back-end

21 users new or edit user

Figure 21: Adding New or editing an existing User

When adding a new user from Administration, following settings are available:
First Name* - mandatory field
Last Name* - mandatory field
Email* - mandatory field
UIN – unique identification number
Phone – phone number
Mobile – mobile phone number
Fax – fax number
Street – street name
City – city name
State/Province – state/province name, if applicable
Zip – zip code number
Country – country of residence
Website - optional
MSN - optional
Skype - optional
Gtalk - optional
User Description – any additional info you find necessary
Additional information – this is followed by the fields you entered as custom "User fields" which you can use if you need more info for any part of the reservation process. You can find them in main settings menu in Administration


Published – turn on or off
Limit number of adverts user can submit – besides in general information, where you can limit the number of adverts for all users, here you can override that option for each user, if necessary
Can submit adverts – this option allows your user to submit adverts through front end. With this you give them extra rights for posting ads, managing Date Ranges and managing their Reservations. With this they don't have the right to login in Joomla Administration.
Featured – you can set this user as featured which will show him in Featured list, if you have a link to all the users
Linked Joomla User – assign a Joomla administration User to this profile

PDF Bank information
This information applies if the user has a right to post Adverts and collect reservations. If he does, and his reservations demand down payment (deposit), he will need these information to be shown during reservation, in PDF file (reservation tender).
Show Bank in PDF ? – turns this option on or off
Bank name – name of the local bank
Bank full address – bank's headquarters
Bank Swift Code (BIC) – bank's swift code – needed for international payments
Bank IBAN – user's account in the bank for international payments (usually the one accepting foreign currency
Bank Local Account – number of local, domestic, account, if it differs from the international payment account, or if you, in any case, have two different accounts for your reservations
Every user can upload his profile image using:
Upload file – click to upload from the disk
Select Image – select uploaded image
When editing an existing user, you can add, alter or remove any listed information and also change Advert submission rights, limit the number of available adverts and manage all (custom) User fields.


In main view you have an overview of all of your Koparent reservations, from all Users and all Adverts with some, most important information and statuses.
Reservations can be created:
1. By users in frontend, booking an Advert created by you as a site owner or created by other front-end users – if this option is available in Koparent and the user has these rights
2. By site owner, manually creating it from back-end Koparent Administration
When creating new Reservation from Administration, following options are available:


Res. ID – unique reservation ID number – will be visible after Save
Advert * - choose the Advert you want to book. Depending on the Advert you choose, assigned Additional costs will be displayed, as well as their prices.
User* - select the User, i.e. the owner of this reservation from the list. This user should be previously created.
Status * - choose the status of this reservation between cancelled, confirmed, pending. You would want to choose Pending status if you need additional information (written confirmation, paid deposit or similar...) to confirm it, or choose Confirmed if the reservation is confirmed as soon as you create it.
Price* - after you choose the period and additional costs, this amount will automatically change as you turn some cost options on or off, or change dates. Do not change this number manually if you want the calculation to be correct, by the values you set earlier. If you intentionally want to alter this price, and Price advance, you can change this number manually. This will override the automatic calculator and from this moment on, this (altered) price will be shown as advert price in PDF. Calculated price will remain visible in Reservations main overview.
Price advance – also created automatically, but can be altered like the full Price.
Price Paid – when and if you receive a deposit, you can enter the amount of received deposit here. The deposit your customer pays at the end can differ from the original deposit price, but when you reduce the full price at the end, you would want to know the exact price paid as deposit.
Start Date * - choose from Date and Time picker or select in calendar below
End Date * - choose from Date and Time picker or select in calendar below
Additional costs: based on the Advert you chose, here you will find a set of predefined Additional costs for this advert. Selecting them and their options, you influence on the price.

Advert Calendar
You can choose calendar to select the time period you want to book (days or time of the day, depending on your calendar view). Calendar also shows all Date Range Groups available for this Advert as well as a Legend for all the colours used in this Calendar.


Reservation Date – after Save, this will be the date this reservation was created
Valid until – depending on your settings this will be the date until your reservation is valid – after the Pending period is over the reservation will be automatically made inactive, but you will still have it in your Administration and will be able to confirm or prolong it.
Download reservation tender PDF – download the details of the reservation in PDF
Publish – turn on or off

Reservation calculator
The calculator shows you all the prices, date ranges, additional costs and calculated deposits along with the total price of this advert. It automatically changes as you select period on the calendar or date-time picker and select or un-select additional costs.

User Info
Automatically displays all User Info, according to the User you chose


User Comments – additional info, or note to self, only visible to Administrator
Admin Comments – additional info, or note to self, only visible to Administrator

When managing an existing reservation, you can alter all the fields in the reservation. Besides that, you get an Extend button besides Valid until field which allows you to extend this reservation by the number of days you set up as your Pending days.

22 reservation calculation editing

Figure 22: Adding New or Editing an existing Reservation


Exporting your Koparent data to XML is very simple. All you got to do is:
• Choose which data you want to Export by selecting Users, Adverts or Reservations.
• Choose Export format – XML or CSV
• You have an option to export only published items or all items.
• Last option is to choose which fields you want to have in your export. Fields are divided by type of data export and by default all fields are selected

23 export overview

Figure 23: Export Fields overview

 Download Koparent Tutorial PDFs:

1. Koparent Main Features (2,8mb)
2. Koparent Tutorial - Administration (7,2mb) 
3. Koparent Tutorial - Front End (3,8mb)